We listen to business owners to understand their business and vision, then we bring in a diverse and complementary set of skills to help execute on a long-term strategy.  We are collaborators and grow alongside management teams to overcome obstacles and unlock value. Our patient capital allows us to be flexible and considerate of stakeholders' goals and realize maximum value when our partners achieve long-term goals.


Great companies are made up of extraordinary people and cultures.

We invest in companies with strong founders and management teams, which have a well-articulated vision for the future and a passion for their products, services, and customers. We serve operators by leveraging their expertise and complementing with our unique skill sets.

We are neither constrained by strict criteria nor pre-defined strategies.

Our approach is tailored to the unique strategy, position, and objectives of each company. This allows management teams and Rise Run to create value for any company, regardless of size, industry, or maturity.



Our firm invests patient capital.


We understand the greatest value is achieved by creating long-term, sustainable value. This allows us to tailor our investment structure for each opportunity.


We have over 40 years of experience.


We've seen and worked with hundreds of companies in a variety of industries. All companies are different, but our core set of guiding principles are applicable to any company.